About CEPA

Cambridge Economic Policy Associates (CEPA) is an economic and financial policy consulting business. Our staff advise both private and public-sector clients on issues where economics, finance and public policy overlap.

CEPA was established in 2001. Today, our principal office is in London, UK, while we have recently opened an office in Sydney, Australia. We continue to work with clients across the world.

In addition to serving our clients, CEPA engages and contributes to ongoing policy-focused debate at seminars and conferences, as well as delivering training courses and knowledge sharing presentations to a number of high-profile international clients. Google+

CEPA Sectors
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Energy, Water and Transport

We work with policymakers, regulators, companies and major users and consumers internationally and across regulatory regimes in Energy, Water and Transport.

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 In Global Health we work with governments, donors and NGOs, and domestically in UK Health with health providers and regulators.

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Communications & Media

We advise public policy bodies, universities, media companies and a range of stakeholders from the Communications & Media sector.

We work with governments, investors, foundations and the donor community within the Agriculture sector.
Financial Services
We apply economic regulation principles to payment systems and Financial Services.
International Infrastructure
We work in the International Infrastructure sector in emerging markets supporting efficient, equitable and sustainable development of infrastructure.
CEPA Services
We offer advice and support in five areas:

We apply micro and macro-economic principles across a wide spectrum of public policy issues, and develop methodologies and best practice.

We support regulators, regulated companies and major users/consumers in analysing different aspects of regime design and price determinations, including an appropriate allowed rate of return, cost assessment and incentive design.

We evaluate organisational performance, programmes and interventions through ex-ante and ex-post approaches.

We conduct market analyses, design and implement governance structures and institutional reforms in multi-stakeholder partnerships, and support performance improvement initiatives through projects involving business and financial modelling.

We provide support throughout the project cycle including: concept development, testing, procurement, transacting, and post-contract review.