CEPA report for ACER on demand side flexibility published

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23rd October 2014
CEPA, leading a consortium with Imperial College London and TPA Solutions, was commissioned by the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) to conduct a study on the benefits and state of play of Demand Side Flexibility (DSF) policies across the EU Member States.

The requirement for carbon reduction in both the demand and supply sides of the energy sector presents a potential requirement for large quantities of additional back-up resources, and additional transmission and distribution capacity.  This may be needed to handle both the possibility of increasing intermittency in energy resources, and increasing peak/off-peak variability in demand.  Widespread benefits to the energy network can arise from encouraging customers to retime their usage in a smart way, and to be more efficient. This report studies the potential for making wider use of demand side flexibility to balance energy systems, and surveys the state of play in member states in their roll-out of mechanisms to facilitate it.

The report can be found here.