RDG publishes CEPA reports as part of its review of charges

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8th December 2015
The Rail Delivery Group (RDG) has commissioned CEPA to assist in Phase 3 of its review of the charges and incentives regime for use of Network Rail’s infrastructure. RDG’s review should allow the industry constructively to inform the Office of Rail and Road’s (ORR’s) next periodic review process by presenting the industry’s own views on the regime.

In Phase 3 of this review, CEPA has undertaken an independent assessment of a number of potential options for change to the current charges and incentives regime. CEPA has produced three reports which have now been published by RDG:

  • Factors report: setting out the factors impacting the form and/or effectiveness of charges and incentives;
  • Initial Assessment report: an initial assessment of a list of 22 options for the charges and incentives regime which looked at each option in the context of several key criteria in line with RDG’s Vision. It identified seven options to be taken forward into the more detailed assessment; and
  • Detailed Assessment report: in-depth assessment of the seven options shortlisted for changes to the charges and incentives regime.