Stop TB Partnership publish CEPA report on the TB Reach Initiative

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1st October 2013

CEPA recently undertook the mid-term evaluation of the TB REACH Initiative, part of the Stop TB Partnership at WHO, launched in 2010. TB REACH provides short-term and fast-track grants that aim to achieve early and increased TB case detection using innovative approaches in populations that are poor and vulnerable and have limited access to care. 

The evaluation was focused on addressing three fundamental questions:

  • Is the initiative on track to achieve its expected results in terms of an increase in the case detection and numbers of additional patients treated successfully in comparison with the baseline?
  • Is the initiative likely to identify some innovative approaches which would support the intended results and be subsequently adopted and scaled up by relevant national-level partners?
  • Is the initiative, including its governance, management and operational arrangements for approving and disbursing grants, well managed?

The final evaluation report, which has been published on the TB REACH website, and TB REACH’s management response to the recommendations of the evaluation can also be found here.

In particular, the management response notes that “The CEPA team has conducted a thorough evaluation of the initiative with multiple country visits and in depth interviews with many stakeholders. We feel that while it is impossible to detail all of the intricacies required to run such a large scale global initiative in one brief report, the evaluation provides a valuable overview of the progress and challenges of TB REACH.” TB REACH management is in agreement with majority of the recommendations proposed by CEPA based on the evaluation findings and review.