Developing livestock market interventions in Africa and South Asia

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Client GALVmed
Dates 2009
Service(s)Policy & Economics, Strategy & Finance

CEPA provided support to the Global Alliance for Livestock Veterinary Medicines (GALVmed) on a range of issues associated with the implementation of its strategic objective of improving poor livestock keepers’ access to animal health technologies. This included:

  • Assessing the applicability of financing interventions, including Advanced Market Commitments (AMCs), to support sustainable value chains for animal health products. We undertook a two-phase study to examine possible market interventions to improve access to veterinary medicines for poor livestock keepers. The study examined the animal health products value chains and related markets for two disease/vaccines affecting livestock in Africa.
  • We assisted in: (i) understanding the animal health market in India/ South Asia, and the value chain for priority diseases; (ii) developing an appropriate strategy for GALVmed’s activities and interventions in the region, including identifying where it can add value; and (iii) providing strategic advice relating to projects taking place in India, as well as assembling and consulting with key animal health stakeholders/ partners in the region more broadly.
  • We supported GALVmed in preparing and undertaking a workshop in Africa, that brought together animal health experts and impact specialists from across the world to discuss the approach that GALVmed should take to measure and assess the likely economic and social impacts (subject to data availability) resulting from GALVmed’s activities.