Ireland gas transmission entry tariffs

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Client Commission for Energy Regulation (CER), Ireland
Dates 2015
Service(s)Regulation & Competition

CEPA was commissioned by the Commission for Energy Regulation (CER), to assist in a review of how the future gas transmission entry tariff regime should work in Ireland. The focus was on gas entry regimes and reform to the regime in advance of the new supply sources coming onto stream. CEPA was asked to provide detailed analysis of the available cost allocation methods available to it under European guidelines.

CEPA was asked to recommend an option based upon the characteristics of the Irish system and provide modelling of how different models would function. A focus of the work was the impacts and implementation issues of structuring the gas transmission entry tariff based on principles of forward looking incremental costs. The project also involved leading and participating in workshops on the options available.

Our work was undertaken in association with TPA Solutions. The CER published the final decision on gas transmission entry tariffs in July 2015.