Monitoring the impact of EU network codes on the internal gas market

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Client Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER)
Dates 2015
Service(s)Regulation & Competition

Europe’s network codes are EU-wide rules that harmonise the conditions for access to gas transmission networks. With increasing cross-border trade, it has become more important to have a common set of rules that govern cross-border trade and facilitate the creation of the internal market in gas. The first network codes are now legally binding and in the process of being implemented.

Under the Third Package, ACER is responsible for assessing the effects of the network codes in facilitating the high-level policy goals:

  • Effective competition
  • Efficient functioning of the market
  • Market integration
  • Non-discrimination
ACER commissioned a consultancy study, led by CEPA, that proposed a methodology to evaluate the impact of the gas network codes on the internal gas market by developing quantifiable indicators to measure the codes’ immediate desired effects, as well as their contribution towards meeting the high-level policy goals. CEPA also assessed the likely performance of each recommended indicators and developed an implementation workplan for ACER.